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Is your water heater failing to stay lit

Is your water heater damaged?


Heater Check

Water heater repairs and installations are done once in a while as they run for a long period of time. However, if quality service is not rendered, then anything can happen at any time and it can literally make you annoyed.

For quality and quick plumbing service, Keith Renick Plumbing is always available.

We ensure that you only receive the best service at the most affordable price. We never lie to our customers and provide the right solutions only. Most of the water heaters are fixed easily if you detect the damage at the right time. If you’re late in detecting it, you might need to replace the water heater.

So, it’s better to keep a check and remain in touch with Keith Renick Plumbing for thorough maintenance and upkeep.

Our Specialty

We are a team of skilled plumbers who deal with all sorts of repair work and installation of water heaters. Starting from tankless water heaters to humongous commercial heaters, Keith Renick Plumbing will ensure to get the job done, no matter how difficult and challenging it might sound.

We make sure to provide excellent solutions while guiding in the most optimal manner as we’re always concerned about building a solid clientele.

Frequently asked questions

  • What Do I Do If I Have A Leak?
    If you find a leak in your home or business, contact us immediately at 631-225-6642. Leaks can bring with them many other problems and the sooner they are fixed, the fewer risks you run.
  • What Causes A Leaky Faucet?
    A leaky faucet can have many causes, such as corrosion, mineral deposit on the internal parts, defective gaskets or washers. Ignoring a faulty faucet can turn a simple repair of $150 to $1,00
  • What type of services do we provide?
    All of the ways we can help you can be found in our Services page. We do both residential and commercial work.
  • Where cities do we cover?
    We cover most of Long Island including Nassau County and and Suffolk County.
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