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Plumbing repairs

Plumbing repairs are too complicated and give you pain that’s unimaginable. But, with Keith Renick Plumbing, you don’t have to worry about plumbing problems.


Our expert plumbers will reach immediately at your doorstep, whether a commercial site or a residential space, we’ve got you covered.

Also, our quality plumbers would make sure that plumbing issues never arises in the future!

Our plumbing service is best suited for all commercial and residential needs.

Plumber Fixing Sink

Fully Equipped Arsenal

We render a versatile range of plumbing services 24/7, without any break! We make sure that our arsenal is fully equipped for the convenience of our precious customers!

Moreover, our machinery is always up to the mark and matches the standards of the industry. Our prices are extremely reasonable. Hence, we’re a one-stop shop for catering to all your plumbing needs.

Range of Services

  • Unclogging the drains

  • Leak detection

  • Heating repairs

  • Garbage disposal

  • Bathroom repairs

  • Commercial and Residential plumbing services and much more.

Frequently asked questions

  • What Do I Do If I Have A Leak?
    If you find a leak in your home or business, contact us immediately at 631-225-6642. Leaks can bring with them many other problems and the sooner they are fixed, the fewer risks you run.
  • What Causes A Leaky Faucet?
    A leaky faucet can have many causes, such as corrosion, mineral deposit on the internal parts, defective gaskets or washers. Ignoring a faulty faucet can turn a simple repair of $150 to $1,00
  • What type of services do we provide?
    All of the ways we can help you can be found in our Services page. We do both residential and commercial work.
  • Where cities do we cover?
    We cover most of Long Island including Nassau County and and Suffolk County.
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