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New Construction

A new construction is always dependent on your vision and dreams. So, if you need to turn your dreams into reality, it’s your responsibility to choose the right plumbing service.

We are a team of skilled professional who handle new construction projects in the best manner. Whether it’s a big property or a small property, our plumbers know very well to get the job done!

Modern Bathroom

Our Construction Plumbing Services

For a new property construction, you’ll need to get the pipe fittings in place. Correct pipe fittings would be very important. Otherwise, you’ll go back and forth while rectifying the job. Showers, sinks, and faucets need to be installed according to your wish. So, we make sure to do the best for you!

Bathrooms and kitchens would require all sorts of installations. But, if the installations are not up to the mark, then you’ll have to redo the job. So, repairing the new property does feel very bad. Hence, it’s important to get the job done in the very first attempt. 

So, if completing the job in the first attempt is your priority, we are ALWAYS available at your service, 24/7. You just need to give us a call and we’ll be there!

Frequently asked questions

  • What Do I Do If I Have A Leak?
    If you find a leak in your home or business, contact us immediately at 631-225-6642. Leaks can bring with them many other problems and the sooner they are fixed, the fewer risks you run.
  • What Causes A Leaky Faucet?
    A leaky faucet can have many causes, such as corrosion, mineral deposit on the internal parts, defective gaskets or washers. Ignoring a faulty faucet can turn a simple repair of $150 to $1,00
  • What type of services do we provide?
    All of the ways we can help you can be found in our Services page. We do both residential and commercial work.
  • Where cities do we cover?
    We cover most of Long Island including Nassau County and and Suffolk County.
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